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Endgame: A Driven World Novel

End Game - Romantic Suspense

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International Bestselling Author Susan Pierce brings a sexy and suspenseful enemies-to-lovers romance to K. Bromberg’s Driven World.

He’s my temptation. I’m his Endgame…

My worlds just collided. Hard.

An exposé on playboy Jake Mitchell, Nascar’s racing prince and my one-night stand, is my only shot at saving my career. I have no choice. It’s him or me.

And I owe him nothing. I mean, he doesn’t even remember me.

So, why am I giving him a heads-up that his rich and powerful family is about to be taken down at the hands of…well, me?

No clue, though it feels a lot like the closure he stole from me. Except, he isn’t going quietly this round. He wants to plead his case one last time, inviting me to his parents’ southern estate to get to know the people I’m exposing. As his fake girlfriend.

That should have screamed caution flag, but the journalist in me knows it’s a deal I can’t refuse. Even if he makes me crazy. Even if his charm is getting to me again. Even if I know
I’m headed for heartache.

But when the walls start closing in, with their secrets and dark, forgotten things threatening to crash around us all, I realize maybe this trip was more than just an inside look at the Mitchell family and their home–it was either about winning me over…or keeping me silent. And I can’t help but wonder just how far he’d go to keep the past dead and buried.

Backspin: A Driven World Novel

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The thought of being a one-woman man used to send me into a backspin. For Scarlett, I’ll fight like hell to try…


She was the one-night stand who turned out to be a whole lot more.

Crime journalist. Killer body. Isn’t afraid to call me on my bullshit. The woman who completely bewitched me and inspired me to get my act together.

The woman who motivated me to testify against my mom and sister to put them behind bars.

A year later and my IndyCar career well-established, I’m ready to try with her again. I’m working hard to become the man I know she deserves. Problem is, my wounds run so deep, my vices ever so taunting, I don’t know that I’ll ever be who she truly needs.

Not to mention, the darkness from my family’s past doesn’t seem to want to stay dead and buried. Mom and Ruby’s crimes were many, their list of enemies as massive as their dark, rotten hearts, and it seems Preston and I are going to be the ones that have to pay for it.

Even if I can figure out how to be man that Scarlett needs, will we ever have a fighting chance at love?

* * *

The thought of being with a famous playboy like Jake Mitchell was once on my absolutely-no-way-in-hell list, but he managed to somehow change that…even with all the danger and drama that came along with him.


A year after I last saw him, Jake reaches out to rekindle what we had, but I’m still unsure I’m ready to jump back in.

Even if he has been working on himself.

Because if there’s anything I know well, wounds from the past don’t heal quickly, and our demons have always had a hard time playing together. Besides, being in the limelight isn’t something I’m interested in again, and thanks to his mom and sister’s very public and sensationalized trial, Jake is now at the height of money and fame.

But if there’s anything he does well, it’s shatter my defenses.

I just hope this time around, we manage to survive. Last time, the monsters from our pasts nearly did us all in…

Fans of K. Bromberg’s Driven Series will devour this second-chance romance with enough drama, suspense, and HEAT to keep you up all hours of the night. One-click now for your next book hangover!

***Backspin is Book Two of the Endgame series. Haven’t read Book One? Check out Endgame to get started on this sexy and suspenseful romance series.***

Whiplash: A Driven World Prequel

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A racey collection of Driven World prequels…

Hold on tight as this collection of five short prequels in K. Bromberg’s Driven World Series takes you on the ride of your life!

This boxed set includes:
Pregame by Susan Pierce
Mandarin by Logan Chance
Speed by Elizabeth Miller
Precaution by C. Renee
Grind by Heather Guimond

We hope you enjoy these short and steamy prequels! -Susan, Logan, Elizabeth, C., and Heather