Here’s the thing about revenge – if it’s served too hot, there’s a good chance you’ll get burned. Now that my friends and I are back in New America and surrounded by the monsters who did this to us, we’re finding it harder and harder to contain our venomous hatred for them.
The next stage of our mission is for Luxxe to train.
To keep our cool.
Execute the plan.
But as emotions run high and plans start unraveling at the seams, we begin questioning if we’re the right ones for the job… and it may just cost us everything.
If you love fast-paced Dystopian reads with tough-as-nails heroines and traces of humor and heart, this one's for you.


My hair falls in soft ringlets around my face, and strategically placed rhinestones glimmer with the slightest movement of my head. It’s a little overkill, but I have to admit, Wren knows what she’s doing.
She fluffs my hair in the back, pushes it over my shoulders. “You’ll be mesmerizing when you get your marks,” she gushes. “With the color of your eyes and your milky skin…” Her words trail, and she swallows whatever she was about to say. She glances nervously toward the bedroom door, then changes the subject. “You better get going. Lewis won’t be happy if you’re late.”
I turn, locking eyes with her. Why is she nervous? Would they disapprove of her complimenting me? Is befriending our kind seen as betrayal around here?
She hangs her head. “I’m sorry, miss. I shouldn’t say things like that.”

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