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Fire… this was her destiny. She would leave this world in fire and hopefully right all of these terrible wrongs.

In this final installment of the Alyx Rayer Chronicles, follow Alyx and Micah as they travel back to the hell that once was Earth in search of Serpious and his legion, as well as the only thing they have left to care about now - revenge.

May not be suitable for YA.



As she passed him on her way upstairs to get dressed, she noted how dead the air was around the two of them still. It used to feel warm. Comforting. But this was their new normal – cold and unfeeling. The way it had to be.

After slipping into a fresh pair of clothes and into the bottom bunk bed opposite of Micah and Rae, her body and mind felt as fragile as ever – like a cracked porcelain egg teetering on the edge of a high shelf. It wouldn’t take much to make it tumble over and shatter into a fine dust. And even though they’d already come so far and had a feeble but focused plan for tomorrow, if one more tragic thing happened, her human body might not be able to carry on.

Her heavy eyes moved to the kids. Same for them; they’d reached their threshold. But if such a thing happened, and she had to abort her mission and live with her regret of never achieving vengeance for Isaac’s death, who would save them from this? There was nobody to look to now for grace or deliverance. No superiors to step in and pull her from this mission. This mission was her own, and so there was only one person who she could turn to now, the only one who might still listen – the Creator.

She closed her eyes, opening her heart as wide as the cracks would allow, and prayed. Only one thing could she think to ask – that if He supported her, and still had any faith at all left in her, that He would allow her to wake in the morning with her answer and she would know to carry on. But if not, if He didn’t support their quest for revenge, she asked Him to send the Angel of Life and Death in the quiet of the night to rescue them from her poor judgment.

When the last of her whispered prayer left her lips, she allowed her mind to go blank. She would have her answer soon enough.


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