Release Day is Here! Love Me Only is now LIVE…

Happy Release Day, Angels! Love Me Only, Book One of the Love Me Only Duet is now LIVE. Find links and all the info below...

Amazon >> https://amzn.to/2qBgzWr
Amazon UK >> http://amzn.eu/9LLEvg8
Barnes and Noble >> http://bit.ly/2HC3X9B
iBooks >> https://apple.co/2H0ZEHP
Kobo >> http://bit.ly/2H0411L


A playboy celebrity. A snarky loner. What could go wrong? A lot, actually...

The first time I met Jared Bryan (super cocky and heart-crushingly gorgeous country music star) in Vegas, I thought he was an impersonator looking to get laid... and I had no problem telling him how lame he was.

But it was him, and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

The man must be a glutton for verbal abuse, because strangely enough, it didn't stop him from pursuing me. I'm feisty. I'm not easily impressed. And most importantly, I'm not his type.

He had to have me.

There's one tiny little problem, though. My boss would fire me. Why? Because he's her client, and if I want the promotion I'd give my left arm for, I must follow her rules:

Work hard.

Don't date her clients.

Love no one but yourself.

Okay, so that last rule is mine. Boys are nothing but trouble, and my haunting past proves it. But my boss' rules should be easy, right?


The more Jared comes around, the harder it is to resist his blue eyes. His killer smile. The way he, um... fills out a pair of jeans.

I can at least have a one-night stand with him. Keep it secret.

What could happen?

Throw in my crazy friends, a horrifying wax experience, and a mysterious unknown caller, and the answer is a lot.

A lot can happen.

And it may just cost me everything.

If you like your Romance with HOT guys, SNARKY heroines, and enough HUMOR AND HEART to choke an old crotchety witch with a "B", this book is for you!

Buy Love Me Only today at your own risk...

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