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Email Subscription Services – a GREAT way to find FREE and discounted eBooks!!!

I’m fully aware that the title of this post sounds like someone paid me to write it lol, but I assure you no one did. I happen to love reading and not paying out the nose for it, that’s all. And I love sharing things I love with my readers. 🙂 As a side note, as many readers as I know in my personal life, about 90% of them had NO IDEA these websites/ email blasts even existed. That floored me! More people need to know!!!

As an author, I stumbled across the sites I mention below because I was looking for ways to promote my work, and one of the advertising opportunities happened to be email blasts for readers who’ve willingly signed up for said emails. Seemed like advertising gold to me! So I submitted my work, paid the invoices, anxiously awaited the day they agreed to feature my work, and voila… eBook downloads galore!

As a reader, I decided to try the subscription services for myself. Most if not all the sites simply need your email and genre preferences, and once a day you’ll get an email blast listing the discounted (sometimes deeply) books for the day. And let me tell you… I’ve been extremely pleased. I’ve seen popular, traditionally published works, indie novels, some even have useful app download promos, and I’ve never seen anything over $2.99. For example, I’ve recently snagged some books I’ve been wanting to buy but didn’t want to pay full price for: Gone GirlThese Broken StarsAlice in Zombie LandAbandon. I’ve seen Nora Robert’s work on there, James Patterson’s, Charlaine Harris’, Nicholas Sparks’, John Green’s, Veronica Roth’s… I could go on and on and on. BUT I’ve also come across some killer Indie novels I never knew existed!!! All because I signed up for free email subscriptions. I have a happy little (growing) stack of eBooks, and my wallet isn’t screaming at me in the meantime. All is well in the universe.

So that brings me to sharing the sites with you. Click on each image below to visit their site and sign-up!!! You’re welcome. 🙂

Book Gorilla:
Kindle Books and Tips:
The Fussy Librarian:

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