Snow White and the Huntsman Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman

Released: June 1st, 2012
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth
Directed by Rupert Sanders

I know, I know… I’m incredibly late to the party. And not even fashionably late, either. For some reason, even as much as I anticipated seeing this movie, I never ended up making it to the theatre to see it. Well, I finally had a night to myself at home *gasp* and it’s free on On Demand. So with a plate full of Chinese left-overs and a glass of wine, I settled onto the couch to watch.

The Good:

Kristen Stewart’s accent was believable. Not as believable as Charlize’s, but much better than I anticipated. Maybe its because she’s dated Robert Pattinson for so long that she dang well better be able to speak with an English accent in her sleep. lol I was also quite impressed with her acting. As big a fan as I am of the Twilight Saga, let’s face it… they never won any Oscars and we all know why. But it was nice to see her in this type of role, especially at the end when she had to give a speech to get the army riled. I was quite proud of her!

Charlize. She’s my hero, and I’ve loved everything she’s in. She played the dark queen like nobody else could, in my opinion. She brought a dark intensity to the role that made you think she’d been secretly devouring young souls her entire life. I love her!

Chris Hemsworth. He could save me from an evil queen any day. 😉 And he, too, could act circles around most.

The art direction of the film – exquisite. The dark forest, the enchanted forest, the battle scenes… all very well done. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings blended together with Alice and Wonderland (the one with Johnny Depp).

And last but not least, I’m glad they (mostly) stayed true to the original  story with the  poison apple, the magic mirror and seven dwarfs.

The Bad:

One of the complaints I have about the movie is that I wish there would have been more chemistry between Snow White and the Huntsman. The movie is, after all, named after the two of them. By the time we get to the end and he kisses her to wake her from the witch’s spell, it almost seems anti-climatic. Didn’t feel, to me, like a true-love-breaking-the-spell kind of thing, and it almost ruined the entire movie. Isn’t that the WHOLE idea behind the story? The prince waking her from the spell so the evil queen can be defeated? True love conquering all?! But I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault; I blame the writing/ direction for not giving their story enough screen time and development. I know the movie was already two hours long, but give me a break, you could have found a way to give the two characters a chance to build a believable romance. And the end- they didn’t even show if they ended up together or not! Hmph! And yes, I’m crossing my arms and pouting like a five year old.

The only other complaint I have is the queen herself. And let me start this off by saying that I do NOT fault Charlize for this. As I mentioned above, she’s a phenomenal actress. I also blame this on the writing. I was hoping for a more multi-faceted character. Yes, she’s evil. Yes, she’s dark and twisty. But everyone, yes, everyone has more to them somewhere. Even the way she treated her brother was borderline heartless, given how selflessly he’d served her.

The Ugly:

I have nothing to say in this category. Ok, well maybe the queen’s brother’s haircut. And I can’t even remember the guy’s name because every time he’s on the screen, all I hear is “BAD HAIR” lol

My Rating:

So, to sum it up, I give the movie a healthy B-. If they’d ramped up the romance and given the characters a little more depth, it would have been at least an A for me.

Favorite Scene: 
When two of the dwarves were about to shimmy out of the gutter, one said; “We must act as one.” And then they try and leave at the same time and can’t because they’re too big. lol Too funny.

Favorite Line:

“But I have come to learn there is no peace as long as others suffer.” So true.

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